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Europe’s leading
Energy Blockchain Summit

Our mission is to help the energy market to carbon zero. We believe that blockchain is changing the way we generate, trade, track and store energy for the better.

We started with convincing 100 of the world’s leading energy companies to get on board, now we’re building the sustainable future of energy together.

The Most Influential
Renewable Energy Tech Summit
In Europe

Supported by
National &

Partners & Exhibitors


Industry professionals over 2 days

Visitors top interests:

  • Using Blockchain in Energy
  • Peer to Peer
  • Electric Vehicle Management
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • New Product Showcases
  • Overcoming Legal & Regulation Challenges
  • Developing The right Energy Blockchain Use Case
  • Blockchain Solution Partners
  • Green Credit Trading


Different topics covered in an integrated conference program

Attracting the entire

Energy Ecosystem

International Focus

Speakers from all over the globe including Germany, USA, Central & South America and Asia.

Professionals from

26 Countries

Reach of

Reach of

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Frequently asked questions

Why visit EventHorizon?

The motto this year is ‘make your move’ so it’s time to do something.

If you are focused on or interested in:

  • Making renewables profitable
  • A transparent renewables market
  • Finding new business use cases
  • Transacting energy in real time
  • Democratizing the energy market
  • Future-proofing the grid
  • Meeting new global leaders of energy
I’m new to the space, should I come?

Yes. We’ve got something for you too if you’re looking for a solution, a partner or a job. From Blockchain 101 to ‘How to build a use case’.

Many guests come to learn, network and see what’s on the horizon. We will also have art, music and great food on offer for all guests.

What is energy blockchain??

So a blockchain is like a big database that has unchangeable copies (blocks) located worldwide. You can store and transact any type of data. It’s beneficial because its easy to grow it (scalability), it’s secure and fast.

Energy is using it to:

  • Automate tracking of where your energy comes from, which is currently not possible.
  • Trade energy faster on a secure and reliable platform.
  • For more you need to come to EH 🙂


Who are the Attendees of EH?

They are people who believe in innovation as the core to the future or energy.

Many are in energy or blockchain. From national energy providers looking to advance innovation to startups with cutting edge tech. In between you have regular business people regulators, consultants, academics and of course the developers.

Exhibitors are showcasing their innovative pilots, products and services from the energy market using blockchain technology.

Where can I get discounted tickets?

We get that not everyone can afford the ticket price so that is weighted to those who can. If you care about a better energy market. We want you there.

Therefore we are offering up to an 80% discount for Start Ups and FREE tickets for Academics.

Apply to receive your discount

Or email

And don’t worry. We don’t bite 🙂

How is EH relevant?

The discussions, debates and products directly facilitate the viability of new renewable energy markets such as peer to peer and improves existing ones like certificates of origin.

It helps to make renewables more profitable for business, reduce the cost and speed up the pace of innovation while also breaking down the regulatory boundaries.