Academia Call for Papers

The EventHorizon Academic Session is a forum to foster interactions among researchers and practitioners around novel and innovative research on topics listed below. We invite researchers and developers to present both complete and incomplete research, as well as innovative ideas for future research with the aim of generating a lively discussion. Submitted abstracts should include research objectives, (proposed) methodology, and a discussion of expected outcomes.

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The presentations will occur in two different formats:

‘Elevator pitch’ and poster exhibit with ‘speed-dating’

Successful abstracts will be presented in form of a 2-minute elevator pitch to be succeeded by a poster exhibit with ‘speed-dating’ creating the opportunity of conversation between researchers and attendees.


Academic deep-dive panel

A select number of authors will be invited to present their papers on an academic panel followed by a moderated Q&A session.

Note: Previously presented or already published work (in a refereed conference or journal) is also welcome for poster display.


Topic areas:

  • Blockchain technology for energy applications
    • Comparative advantage of blockchain over established technologies in energy
    • Identity management, data privacy & IT security/ cryptography
    • Blockchain scalability
    • Data storage and market places


  • Blockchain-based solutions for energy markets
    • Smart metering, billing & hardware
    • Microgrid stability
    • Modular rural electrification
    • Renewables including electric vehicles integration
    • Peer to peer trading
    • IOT
    • Energy prosumers
    • Demand response
    • Reactive power, voltage management
    • Asset management
    • Smart contracts
    • Smart algorithms/ Artificial Intelligence


  • Blockchain-based platforms for Dapps in energy markets
    • Cryptoeconomics
    • Governance and democratisation
    • Business models
    • Rate design for transactive grids


  • Economics and regulation of Blockchain-based solutions
    • Energy economics and market efficiency
    • Balancing market/ancillary services market
    • Regulatory design/regulatory compliance
    • Green energy and social inclusion
    • Optimized market-making (liquidity vs. efficiency)
    • Nodal pricing / Locational marginal pricing
    • Multi-vector community energy


Submission requirements:

Submissions should be in the form of a short paper/abstract describing the main contributions and the merits of the proposed ideas as well as reporting initial results and the challenges towards a full-fledged solution of the problem under consideration. Abstracts will be evaluated in terms of research objectives, (proposed) methodology and a discussion of (expected) outcomes, with focus on their potential to stimulate interesting discussions and promote collaborations.

An abstract should be no longer than 500 words, submitted as PDF and contain the following information:

  • poster title
  • author names, affiliations, and email addresses
  • which authors will attend the EventHorizon 2019

Please also include the following signed statement as a separate pdf attachment for each of the authors:

I certify that the attached written or electronically transmitted material is my own work. I further certify that (a) I have formally cited or otherwise fully acknowledged the quotations, ideas, and wording used here from other sources, whether published or unpublished, in written or electronic form, (b) I have engaged in no falsification or misrepresentation of data or experience in this submission.




The lead author of each of the posters will be provided with a free conference ticket while additional authors will automatically be granted academic discount.


Submissions are to be made via email to by 4 April 2019. Submissions of full articles will also be invited for consideration by the Special issue edited by the Journal of Energy Markets (JEM) at this time. However, no reviews will be provided.


Hand In Your Application


Good luck! We hope to see you at EventHorizon 2019.


There has been a steep learning curve in this young industry since the EventHorizon’s first edition in 2017, when we focused on the possibility of an energy specific blockchain. Last year’s event aimed to empower first movers in the space proving their concepts. And in 2019 we will take the final steps towards the edge of the horizon.


EventHorizon is the centre point of an industry intersection of energy, renewables and blockchain. This year, the event will focus around the growing market demands including new POCs and go to market strategies. It transforms a vacant power station into a frame to break from norms and innovate.