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The energy transition is one of the most important challenges of our time, it is also one of the most complex challenges we face. The world is so dependant on energy, that drastic changes seem almost impossible and it is hard to find solutions that work at scale.

Only when we work together, established experts, creative innovators, and disruptive visionaries, can we hope to create a change that creates value. Join us in building the foundation for collaboration through dialogue, arguments, and discussions. Get involved and change the future of energy with like-minded changemakers. Let’s create a green energy future.

Podcast Energy Singularity

Our speakers and network have something to share all year long. We teamed up with Kevin O’Donovan to get the world’s most innovative minds to discuss the topics that matter in the energy transition. What are the best strategies for the digitalization of the energy sector? Which technology outperforms the competition for which use-base? What happens to the Energy Blockchain hype, after the Crypto Crash? Who is here to stay and who has already left the field? We discuss how digitalization and decentralization can enable decarbonization in our weekly podcast.


Some things can better be explained in written words. We are filling our blog regularly with new stories and articles that revolve around the challenges of the energy transition. If you are a writer and content creator, we can help you get on our blog. Read updates from our team, the EventHorizon speakers and other experts in the field.

Energy Blockchain Reports

Energy & Blockchain have one thing in common: both are very complex topics and hard to understand. Implementation of innovative ideas is therefore very hard if the understanding of both worlds isn't on par. There is a lot of reports and research being done in order to further the common understanding and move from individual challenges to shared solutions. We are collecting the reports we find most relevant here.

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