Day 2 – Deep Dive Sessions

Intro on Main Stage
CORPORATE TRACK - hosted by Ernst & Young
Mid Floor
DEV TRACK - rookie
Mid floor
Mid floor
11:00 - 12:15
“Back To The Future”: From A Decentralized Past To A Decentralized Future
5Ds Of Decentralization
Academia Deep Dive
Cutting-Edge Research From Scholars & Experts Around The World
EWF Features & EWF AMA
The Architecture Of The Core Technology
12:20 -13:35
Use Cases and Business Models
The Leading Use Cases Of Blockchain In The Energy Sector
The Fundamental Concepts Of Cryptoeconomics
On-Chain / Off-Chain Governance
Key Elements Of The Combined On-Chain/off-Chain Decision-Making Process Proposed For The Energy Web Foundation Platform
14:15 - 15:30
Regulatory Best Practice
The Implementation Of Blockchain Into The Energy Market Regulation
Smart Contracts Security
Developing & Applying Smart Contracts
D3A Market Design
The Detailed Inner Workings Of The D3A Market Structure
15:35 - 16:50
Comparison of Technologies
The Most Prevalent Distributed Ledger Technologies Currently In Use
Energy Web Origin dApp
The Open-source Origin Decentralized Application (dApp)
Trusted Device Connection - hosted by Wirepas
How To Minimize The Role Of The Middlemen