Main Stage


Jun 20 2019


14:15 - 15:00


2June 20,
3Main Stage

RECs Panel

Buyers can be choosers


Kevin O’Donovan, Technology Evangelist – A Bit of This and That
Marzia Zafar, Director, Innovation & Issues Monitor – Word Energy Council
Simone Accornero, CEO & Founder – FlexiDao S.E.S.
May Liew, Head, Sustainability & Open Innovation – SP Group
Jared Braslawsky, Secretary General- The International REC Standard


Are you interested in learning more about renewable energy certificates (RECs) and how your organization can procure them? Because energy enters the grid from many sources—from nuclear power to coal to solar power—there is no way to know exactly where your electricity is coming from. Renewable energy certificates provide a solution. RECs always come from renewable energy, so buying them allows you to claim the renewable energy attributes of that electricity. This panel will discuss the obstacles buyers are facing, the benefits to the consumer and how blockchain is involved.

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