Main Stage


Jun 19 2019


15:35 - 16:20


1June 19,
3Main Stage

E- Mobility Panel

A new energy prosumer


Colleen Metelitsa

Mate Rimac, CEO – Greyp Bikes & of Rimac Automobili
Piotr Krzepczak, VP of Software Development at EVBox & Everon
Dietrich Sümmermann, Chairman of the Share&Charge Foundation



For those of us tracking the changes sweeping through the automotive industry, 2017 was the year when things started to get very exciting. Big names joint the game, existing companies spread the wings: Shell buying into EV charging; VW Group’s bold new electrification plan; Tesla’s Model 3 launch and China’s introduction of a New EV mandate – to name just some of the headlines . Even more important were underlying developments that came with this exciting progress currents, driving them forward. Improvements in IoT, communications networks, sensors and batteries are cutting timelines shorter and shorter towards something that would have seem unthinkable a couple of years back. Governments striving for stricter regulations and agressive targets for the types of vehicles that they wish to see on their motorways and streets, while trying to ensure regulation to keep up with technological advances.

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