Corporate Stage


Jun 20 2019


10:15 - 11:15


2June 20,
4Corporate Stage

Public v. Private Blockchain Debate

hosted by the Energy Web Foundation


Jesse Morris, CCO – Energy Web Foundation
Garrett MacDonald, Director of Tokeneconomics  – Energy Web Foundation
Sam Hartnett,  Research & Market Development Manager – Energy Web Foundation


Description & Key Take-Aways

<p>Most asked energy blockchain question of 2017: “Don’t blockchains consume a ton of energy?” </p>


<p>Most asked energy blockchain question of 2018: “Should I use a public or private blockchain?”</p>


<p>Interdisciplinary experts from Energy Web will host an interactive deep dive exploring this question, going beyond high level talking points and helping audience members understand the nuance of different blockchain permissioning structures, the realities of public blockchain networks, and the far reaching implications of private v. public blockchain architectures in the context of the energy transition.</p>


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