Main Stage


Jun 19 2019


17:00 - 17:20


1June 19,
3Main Stage

Sovereign Nature Initiative

Florian Schmitt – Activist & Shareholder, Sovereign Nature Initiative


What if nature had the same rights as humans It explores a vision of the future, combining ecology, economics, and AI into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance. Nature2.0 is an emerging field operating at (and arising from) the intersection of ecology, economics, and artificial intelligence. This exhibition serves to bring together some of the numerous projects that are operating within similar areas and have much to bring to this discourse. The works in the exhibition are organized by topic: those engaging with the current ecological situation, those discussing artificial intelligence in relation to ecologies, and projects that show a vision for new organizational forms. Collapse – Seemingly inevitable threats of natural and economic stemming from global warming Otherness – Showcases the connection points between natural and artificial systems to blur the borders between machine, natural systems, and humans P2P Ecologies – Highlights projects that engage with technologies that allow us to rethink existing and ineffective nature governance and regulatory structures.

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