Brand Awareness:

EventHorizon connects our partners with a highly influential audience in exactly the right context and environment. With over 50 different nationalities, EventHorizon has a global reach. We can work with you on tailoring exhibition package perfectly to your needs. Our focus lies in creating value with superior quality in every facet – attendees, speakers, topics, media.

Thought Leadership:

Thought leaders understand that EventHorizon is the core of the industry. Our partners are considered thought leaders. This is where you are if you are serious about energy blockchain.


EventHorizon is centred of supporting partners build their international network and generate significant business development opportunities. We achieve this through the use of our custom made app and award winning use of technology.

Lead Generation:

We give our partners unlimited access to potential customers, from Series A startups to enterprise level providers. All are looking for partners, suppliers and investors. As the leading event in energy blockchain, EventHorizon is the perfect launch pad to generate significant business development opportunities.


We want to create the best experience your company. Click the link below and fill out the form to register you interest. A member to the exhibition team will contact you with further information. When you have questions about the application process, drop us an email.


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