Tech pioneers, innovative corporates & investors lining up for EventHorizon 2019
Rutger  van Zuidam
Rutger van Zuidam Founder & CEO Odyssey.org
Chris Peeters
Chris Peeters CEO Elia Group
MATE RIMAC CEO Rimac Automobili & Greyp Bikes
Michael J.  Casey
Michael J. Casey Senior Advisor, Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab
May Liew
May Liew SP Group Head, Sustainability & Open Innovation
Hervé Touati
Hervé Touati CEO & Co - Founder Energy Web Foundation
Ryan Zurrer
Ryan Zurrer Director Web3 Foundation
David  Peters
David Peters Chief Transition Officer – Executive Board Stedin Groep
Marzia Zafar
Marzia Zafar Director, Innovation & Issues Monitor World Energy Council
Christoph Jentzsch
Christoph Jentzsch Co-Founder & CEO Slock.it
Jules  Besnainou
Jules Besnainou Director Cleantech Group
Piotr Krzepczak
Piotr Krzepczak VP of Software Development at EVBox & Everon
Julia Padberg
Julia Padberg Investment Manager SET Ventures
JOJO HUBBARD CEO & Co-Founder Electron
Constantin Schwaab
Constantin Schwaab CEO WIrelane GmbH
ANDREAS KUHLMANN Chief Executive Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena)
Alexander  Kaiser
Alexander Kaiser Co-Founder BlockInfinity GmbH
Colleen Metelitsa
Colleen Metelitsa Energy Efficiency and Demand Management
MARIA McKavanagh
MARIA McKavanagh Chief Operating Officer Verv
DR. CHRISTOPH FREI Secretary General & CEO World Energy Council (WEC)
Supharat Ridthichai
Supharat Ridthichai Venture Lead, Smart Electricity PTT ExpresSo (PTT Ventures)
Dr. Ana Trbovich
Dr. Ana Trbovich Co-founder and COO - Grid Singularity & Vice-Chair - Energy Web Foundation
OLGA V. MACK Vice President of Strategy Quantstamp
David Martin
David Martin Managing Director Power Ledger
Florian  Schmitt
Florian Schmitt Sovereign Nature Initiative Sovereign Nature Initiative
Sara Bell
Sara Bell CEO & Founder Tempus Energy Technology Ltd
Jared Braslawsky
Jared Braslawsky Secretary General The International REC Standard
Simone Accornero
Simone Accornero CEO & Founder FlexiDao S.E.S.
KERSTIN EICHMANN Managing Director & Machine Economy Lighthouse Lead innogy innovation Hub Berlin
Carsten Reichmann
Carsten Reichmann Product Manager EnBW ODR AG
Thierry  Mathieu
Thierry Mathieu Co-Founder TEO by Engie,
Corentin Denoeud
Corentin Denoeud CEO & Co-founder Blockchain Studio
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris CCO Energy Web Foundation
Nathan Lemaire
Nathan Lemaire Implementation Manager Elia Group
LASSE CLAUSEN Founding Partner 1kx
Prof. Dr. Jens Strüker
Prof. Dr. Jens Strüker Director of the Institute of Energy Economics (INEWI), Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt
Astrid Woollard
Astrid Woollard Partner Scytale Ventures
Christian Sander
Christian Sander Lead Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Joan  Collell
Joan Collell Co-Founder and COO FlexiDAO
Sau Sheong Chang
Sau Sheong Chang Chief Executive Officer SP Digital
Arnaud Danree
Arnaud Danree IoT Senior Product Manager Ledger
Sandra Trittin
Sandra Trittin Co-founder and CSO tiko Energy Solutions
Sebastian Banescu
Sebastian Banescu Senior R&D Engineer Quantstamp
 Andreas  Bjelland Eriksen
Andreas Bjelland Eriksen Higher Executive Officer The Norwegian Energy Regulation Authority (NVE)
Dietrich Sümmermann
Dietrich Sümmermann Chairman - Share&Charge Foundation & CEO - eMobilify GmbH
Jean-Michel Glachant
Jean-Michel Glachant Director Florence School of Regulation
Sebnem Rusitschka
Sebnem Rusitschka Founder - Freeelio & CTO - EnergiMine
Tom Dinwoodie
Tom Dinwoodie Lead Trustee, Rocky Mountain Institute & Principal, Ark Equities
Micha Roon
Micha Roon CTO Share&Charge Foundation
Frédéric Wauquiez
Frédéric Wauquiez Sr Product Manager, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Orchestration GE Renewable Energy
THOMAS WEISSHAUPT Business Owner D-A-CH Wirepas
Kevin  O’Donovan
Kevin O’Donovan Technology Evangelist A Bit of This and That
Vanessa Heidrich Grunwald
Vanessa Heidrich Grunwald Consultant in Energy Trading, Free Energy Market Engepower
Trent McConaghy
Trent McConaghy Co-founder Ocean Protocol
Ewald Hesse
Ewald Hesse CEO & Co-Founder - Grid Singularity & Chairperson of the Board - Energy Web Foundation
DR. SEBASTIAN GROH Managing Director SolShare Ltd
Dr. Sarah Hambrigde
Dr. Sarah Hambrigde D3A Product Owner Grid Singularity
Sam Harnett
Sam Harnett Research & Market Development Manager Energy Web Foundation
Philipp Blechinger
Philipp Blechinger Head of Off-Grid Systems Reiner Lemoine Institute
Garrett MacDonald
Garrett MacDonald Director of Cryptoeconomics Energy Web Foundation
Julien Bourdette
Julien Bourdette CTO TEO by Engie
Amy Westervelt
Amy Westervelt Senior Associate for Affiliate Engagement Energy Web Foundation
Fatuma Mohamed
Fatuma Mohamed Energy Engineer Grid Singularity
Vangelis Andrikopoulos
Vangelis Andrikopoulos Research Analyst Outlier Ventures
Oriol Pujoldevall
Oriol Pujoldevall Head of Business Development Energy Web Foundation
Mario Pavlovic
Mario Pavlovic Product Owner Energy Web Foundation
Meerim Russlanova
Meerim Russlanova Analyst Energy Web Foundation
Spyros Tzavikas
Spyros Tzavikas Lead backend & blockchain software engineer Grid Singularity
Jens Giesing
Jens Giesing Chief Product Owner Energy Web Foundation
Jesus Nieto-Martin
Jesus Nieto-Martin Senior Research Fellow London Business School
Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy Blockchain Engineer Energy Web Foundation
Thore Hildebrandt
Thore Hildebrandt Project Owner Blockchain Energy Web Foundation
Doug Miller
Doug Miller Market Development Manager Energy Web Foundation
Natalija Sandic
Natalija Sandic Affiliate Engagement Energy Web Foundation
Dirk  van den Biggelaar
Dirk van den Biggelaar Market Design Engineer Grid Singularity
Karolina Brücknerova
Karolina Brücknerova MSc Student Stockholm School of Economics
Alexandra Schneiders
Alexandra Schneiders Research Associate University College London’s Energy Institute
Michael J. Fell
Michael J. Fell Social Researcher University College London’s Energy Institute
Andreas Zeiselmair
Andreas Zeiselmair Research Associate FfE e.V.
Amanda Ahl
Amanda Ahl PhD Student Tokyo Institute of Technology
Salam Khanji
Salam Khanji Chief Technology Officer Green Tomorrow for smart sustainable solutions – Research and Development
Marlon Fleck
Marlon Fleck Research Scientist RWTH Aachen
Simon Johanning
Simon Johanning Research Associate Institute for Infrastructure and Resources Management (IIRM), Leipzig University
Alain Brenzikofer
Alain Brenzikofer Department Head Decentralized Systems Supercomputing Systems AG
Dr. Ioannis Vlachos
Dr. Ioannis Vlachos Senior Researcher National Technical University of Athens
Takeda Yasuhiro
Takeda Yasuhiro PhD Candidate The University of Tokyo
Christian Gorenflo
Christian Gorenflo PhD Candidate University of Waterloo
Arne Surmann
Arne Surmann Research Engineer Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE)
Ian J.  Scott
Ian J. Scott PhD student Instituto Superior Técnico